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Programmer Analyst with R Consultant

New York, NY · Information Technology

Programmer Analyst with R Consultant

One of our clients, a Global Market Research Company, is looking for a talented Programmer Analyst with R Consultant

6+ months initial contract with possible extensions and/or permanent option. Remote position.
Location: 100% Remote position

Please read the description below and to be considered immediately email your resume to barryr@brainsworkgroup.com 

Programmer Analyst with R Consultant


  • Must have substantive programming experience in R  to aid company in translating existing code from SAS to R
  • Enable shifting the platform in which the company executes their methodologies.
  • Translate methodology code from SAS to R and confirm that the resulting translation is equivalent to the original.
  • Receive task assignments using an issue tracker and Kanban board, track time spent on each task, and help estimate time necessary for future similar tasks.  Tasks will largely be translating portions of statistical programs from SAS to R
  • In preparation for translating code, review existing code and data and ask for any clarifications necessary. Using inputs and outputs from existing programs, prepare test cases for each module prior to translation.
  • When translating code, follow example coding patterns set by reviewing example translated programs and any documentation provided such as programming style guides, etc. The programs will be translated to R, with particular emphasis placed on using the sparklyr and dplyr packages for data manipulation and the test that package for testing.
  • Proactively raise questions during development and participate in code review sessions when translation is close to completion to share results and seek approval.
  • Code will be managed using Git-based source code control
  • Before finalizing code, ensure tests pass, confirming that the program works equivalent to prior program.


  • 3 plus years of R programming experience.
  • Experience with dplyr and test that R packages preferred.
  • Experience with sparklyr or dbplyr R packages is also helpful.
  • Ability to read and understand SAS code is required (this does not mean you should have deep experience writing SAS code.)
  • Experience with other languages with preprocessing (such as C++) can be a helpful substitute for SAS experience. Some of the SAS    code is written using a subset of SQL, so experience with SQL is another helpful substitute.
  • Experience with one or more development methodologies (Agile, Kanban, Lean, Scrum/Scrum Master) is helpful.
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